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Certain properties and applications of the Au Nanoparticles (Gold Nanoparticles)

Both in medical as well as biological practices, Au nanoparticles (Gold nanoparticles) have been extensively used. Due to its numerous properties, Gold has been used in various forms for different applications. These applications could range from sensory probes to therapy and drug delivery. For nanoparticles to be stimulated, the light at Near-IR absorbing is the technique. The results of their application are so wide that this has given them a spot as the next level contrast agents unlike any other.
Do you know how how these Au nanoparticles can be used for more different purposes? Scientists have discovered the ways to make gold nanoparticles more useful. How? Au nanoparticles can be furthered for different purposes by changing their particle size, aggregation state and of course, their surface chemistry. In addition to the three above, these are also stimulated by bringing change in and adjusting their electronic and optical properties. Through this adjustment of the properties, the nanoparticles become all the more useful especially as a promising catalyst in clinical research.

Gold Nanoparticles

Au Nanoparticles And Their Properties

1.Electrochemical properties

Electrical properties of gold nanoparticles have discrete energy levels which can give an appearance of a continuum. To understand its electrochemical properties, the electrons in these au nanoparticles are transported and the chemical surface is changes which helps understand its physical impressions.
This property of au nanoparticles is dependent on the size of the particles, their surrounding medium, and last but not least, their application.

2. Surface plasmon resonance

SPR or Surface Plasmon Resonance is basically the max frequency achieved by the nanoparticles on exposure to specific wavelength of light that creates and oscillating electromagnetic field of light.
Free electron oscillate collectively causing separation of ionic lattice and creating a dipole oscillation with the directions of the electric field of light.

This activity can change the size of the gold nanoparticles from 10 nm to 50 nm. Although, the maximum extinction of SPR brand shifts has gone up to 532 nm from 517 nm.

SPR enhanced the radiative properties of the nanoparticle scattering, absorptions and hence, their applications in certain medical applications such as its use as an effective photocatalyst for certain reactions and more. Talking about its use as a photocatalyst, the gold nanoparticles have a unique SPR which makes them suitable as an effective photocatalyst when combined with titanium dioxide. This has helped it find wide use in the chemical industry for selective oxidation and reducing certain reactions in the

chemical industry.

It’s another more significant application is in diagnostics as a common conducting agent. Like in diagnostic imaging tools that helps visualize tissue density and more. Au nanoparticles are a promising element for NIR imaging. All thanks to their lateral flow assays and their excellent optical density that allows imaging from the naked eye.

Summing it up

Apart from the above mentioned applications, there are a variety of other usages for Au nanoparticles across various niches. Their usage is not limited to the chemical industry, and goes beyond it, venturing into therapy, diagnostics, in various sensory, different probes, drug and gene delivery and more.

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