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4 Natural Ways To Exterminate Termites

The moment termites enter your house, they start their work of destroying your house. Although they are steady enough to create blunder ink your house, it will definitely put in serious trouble. Once, they have made their nest in your house, they can even make more homes for them in different places in your house. This way they can destroy the entire house. Soon, they will chew out the walls, windows, furniture and other things in your house.

Treating pest right during the early infestation is absolutely necessary to completely eliminate them from your house. Although there are the various pest and termite controls on the market, treating them natural is another simple option. In case you want your house termite-free, here are some natural ways to get rid of them:


Along with various uses, a vinegar can also be helpful in deterring termites Extermination In Cabot from your house. You only need to make a solution that includes two squeezed lemon juice and the half cup of vinegar. After making the solution, you can spread this solution in and around the termite assembles. Generally, you will need to spread at least 3 or 4 times but you can use it whenever needed.


The biggest enemy of termites is sunlight. They are unable to withstand sunlight. Termites usually required the moist condition to live, thus a direct sun exposure can kill them. You can expose such termite -infested areas to the sun that can easily kill these messy and dirty termites. You also need to consider that only exposure to the sunlight will not give you the effective result. Though, they can reduce the population of termites very drastically.

Botanical treatments

As you all know every creature has its natural enemy so as this termite has. Orange oil is more effective in deterring the termites from your house. The orange oil consist d-limonene, it kills the termite as they touch this compound. You can directly apply the orange oil to the termite-affected areas and soon you will see the positive result.

Wood treatment

One of the best ways to keep these termites away is to make your wood unappetizing for them. It is a kind of wood treatment that keeps the wood moisture-free that ultimately deters termite infestation. This approach not only preserves wood for its long-lasting life but also helps in retaining its good looks.

Borates sprinkling

You can sprinkle borax powder (sodium borate) to the termite-affected areas. It is one of the best natural ways that are highly effective in killing these termites even faster. Also, you can make a solution by mixing water with the borax powder and paint the affected area.

To Sum It Up

You spend most your time at your home and it needs to be intact and clean from all the negative and disturbing creatures. There are also many companies that have professional termite and pest control team that can effectively remove the pest from your house.

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